Krystal’s mission in life is to help others in the financial market, arts & entertainment industry, and business services. To motivate and inspire, while guiding them toward positive personal and business growth.

Krystal strives to provide the absolute top of the line value to all of her clients and looks forward to meeting with you for your next business or personal endeavor.

SlickTrade is Krystal's pride and joy. She created this Online Trading Academy in hopes to help people reach their financial goals. In teaching how to be a successful online trader with Nadex, IG, Forex and Binary Options; Krystal has helped so many achieve their goals in a matter of months.
She also implemented a free Affiliate program, so that individuals that didn't want to start a career in trading, could still benefit from the value that is provided by making an extra income referring others to the company.

Krykle LLC
Whether you are seeking advertisements, logos, business card design or website design - We can assist your needs with beautiful intriguing designs.

Arts & Entertainment

You can find Krystal out and about performing regularly as Charlie Champlayin with The Bayside Bombshells, Falling Down Stairs Productions, and Powerdiva Productions.

Charlie brings you an array of astonishing entertainment including: Dance, Drag, Burlesque, and Comedy!